A 10-Minute Workout to Lose 2 KG in a Week

Exercise is a great way to get energized in the morning. But let’s admit – no one of us has time for a full workout! However, there are 10 simple but effective exercises you can do to get pumped for the day. Instructions are pretty easy, and each exercise takes no longer than 15 to 30 seconds.

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Exercise #1. Post with ropes 2:03

Exercise #2. Heron 3:32

Exercise #3. Roll 5:47

Exercise #4. Hummer 7:05

Exercise #5. Stretching 8:07

Exercise #6. Candle 9:25

Exercise #7. Sphinx + Cobra 10:23

Exercise #8. Embryo 11:32

Exercise #9. Twisting 12:33

Exercise #10. Bends 13:36


– While warming up, you can do some arm and leg swings. Also, try to do some squats.

– Exercise #1. This exercise is meant for relaxation of hands and shoulder girdle. Imagine that your body is a post and your hands are the ropes tied to it. If someone turns the post sharply, the ropes will wiggle from side to side.

– Exercise #2. It will help develop agility, balance, and coordination and improve blood flow in your legs.

– Exercise #3. This exercise can help you strengthen your spine, improve spinal cord blood flow, and relieve stress and fatigue.

– Exercise #4. It is meant for relaxation of the spine, particularly between the shoulder blades. The exercise should be done together with the “Roll” exercise.

– Exercise #5. This exercise is meant for relief and relaxation. This is a compensation posture which should be performed right after the ‘Roll’ and ‘Hummer’ exercises.

– Exercise #6. This exercise helps to improve cerebral blood flow, producing a beneficial effect on your whole body. Regular exercising improves your memory, mental performance, and efficiency, reduces the number of hours you sleep and slows your breathing down.

– Exercise #7. The exercise strengthens your back and makes your spine more flexible.

– Exercise #8. This exercise stimulates the digestive organs and prevents the deposition of calcium in the joints.

– Exercise #9. This exercise improves your spine’s mobility and flexibility, stretches your muscles and reduces the size of your waist. It’s also an excellent way to prevent back pain.

– Exercise #10. The exercise helps to strengthen your spine and lower back muscles and to stretch the tendons.

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